How To Find A House In Abuja to Buy


How To Find A House In Abuja to Buy. Abuja is Nigeria’s capital, and the most planned city in the whole of Nigeria. Aside from being the seat of the Nigerian government, it is also a city many wealthy Nigerians call home.


Abuja was built from scratch in the 1980s. Most planned city in Nigeria. A popular destination for most tourists. Most expensive city in Nigeria. Abuja is bounded to the north by Kaduna, to the east by Nasarawa, to the south by Kogi and to the west by Niger.

The cost of buying a house

Because of Abuja’s affluence and social amenities, many Nigerians have and are migrating to Abuja either for business or pleasure. As people go in and out of the city, the cost of housing increases almost every year.

So how much does a house cost in Abuja? Depending on where you live in Abuja (highbrow or ghetto), you can buy a house anywhere  between ₦2,000,000 – ₦500,000,000.

How to find a house in Abuja to buy

When finding a house in Abuja to buy, the most important factors to consider are price, location, nature of the house and so on. Ensure that the house you want to buy meets your housing needs and budget. That being said, finding a house in Abuja to buy is depends on the following:

Type of house

Depending on your capacity and financial strength, there are many types of properties in Abuja for sale, as such, you must first decide on what type of house you want to buy. For example, bungalow, duplex, mansion etc.

One’s budget

Having decided the type of house you want, the next step is to determine whether the type of house is within your financial boundaries, as you don’t want to buy a house or invest in an apartment that is overpriced or outside your budget.  It is not a good idea to buy a house under pressure. Furthermore, don’t be pressurized into buying a house.

Location of the house

There are many places in Abuja with adequate social amenities such as good transportation, hospitals, schools, and entertainment, just to mention a few. Typically, houses are expensive in areas with complete social amenities as opposed to areas with few or inadequate social infrastructures. You can tell a house will be expensive when you look at the surrounding area. It’s a no brainer.

Real Estate Listing website

There are a good number of real estate listing websites on the internet that focuses on Nigeria properties. Whichever you choose to use, just make sure the houses and sellers are verified before engaging with them. Some people might upload pictures of houses that are not under their care.

The right estate agent

Finding the right agent can lead one to the right property and help get a great deal. The right real estate agent can also assist you with the specifications you prefer and guide you in making the right choice. Choose an agent that is not about the money but your satisfaction.

Avoid “any type of property agent”, some agents are unethical and have no experience — ensure to interview the agent before working with him or her.


With the help and assistance of the real estate agent, they can do quickly all the documentation required for the house efficiently with little stress after the deal has been closed.


Before you pay for any property, be sure to consult with a property lawyer in other to verify that the property belongs to the person whose name is on the documents. Do not pay into any account without verifying the owner of the property.

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